Taking a stroll in Wicker Park with Richie

Growing up watching cartoons everyday has always aspired me to experiment with animation. I recently endeavored into creating a walk cycle starting from the classic tool of drawing each panel from a light box. I then transferred my images onto illustrator to vector, color, and shade Richie. With each image digital I shot them to a gif maker.  It was a great turn out but anything could always be better. To bring Richie even closer to the real deal I shot my digital illustrations to my friend Richard Alapack and through Photoshop He was able to produce an epic scene of Richie walking through the intersection of Milwaukee and Damen in Wicker park as a response to a recent Chicago Tribune article naming the most dangerous intersections in the city for pedestrians.





So that got me thinking, where would Richie go next? Then I thought, let’s do an experiment. Why don’t you guys show me where he goes next. Right click the below animation and save it as a gif.  You can then open it in Photoshop and add your own background image. Show me what you guys can do…





Never Stop Pursuing Creativity

We were able to create a new mural on Western and Dickens. The thought process came from watching pokemon. In the intro of Pokemon it starts with Mewtwo blasting into the galaxy and thus came the pose. Intertwining my love for Takashi Murakami’s album cover for Kanye West’s “Graduation” I fused these two ideas together. The quote simply came to me given Im surrounded by creative people and moments in creatives lives get low but it is up to us to pick our heads back up and Never Stop Pursuing Creativity.


Ali Six Stary Night 16th and Paulina

Given the chance to create a mural in Pilsen and add to the Rich culture along the 16th street wall was a miracle. Upon the arrival of the wall we had to find the perfect spot for the mural. There were pre painted mini murals along the wall painted by elementary students. There was a half finished stary night and instead of going over one of the elemtary students masterpiece we decided to adapt to their art. We incorporated the Stary Night mini mural and added our own twist to it keeping the elemtary students art by collaborating.



SchoolBus Media Photo session

On a gorgeous day I took the crew to a vantage point of the city I discovered a year ago finding a spot to spray paint. The sun was shining and nothing felt better. My photographer steven from SchoolBus Media took out his Nikon and the good vibes just went along with the shoot.

Ali 6 is wearing: Chicago Bulls Vintage 96 snap back, Adidas X Bedwin and Heart breakers polo, Vintage Adidas rain jacket, Levi jeans, and on feet are Adidas EQT Racing from 1991 original color way.

Photographed By Steven Jackson and Edited by Ali 6


Big G’s Pizza Mural

A friend of mine works for Big G’s pizza and ahe let me know the owner was looking to me for art work. Jaime contacted me, bought the supplies, and i went to work. He wanted a pizza DJ theme. I agree it was a fun project and I am grateful they gave me the chance to express myself.


Top Ten Active Street Artist in Chicago

Some times Ali 6 is featured and it comes at a suprise to me. This certain accomplishment pulls into that category. I was on my social Media account late at night and a friend had mentioned to me i was featured on Complex. I was happily suprised and had seen Mountain Dew ‘Green Label” had posted the “Top Ten active Street Artist in Chicago” right now. I felt so honored to get recognition for the work that i put into the streets. I also learned that Mountain Dew was researching about who they should choose and the good people at Vertical Gallery put in the word for me, So thank you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.22.52 PM

Street Style Chicago

The good people at Street style Chicago contacted me and asked to do an interview. I met with them at Dimo’s pizza because i love the crazy variety of pizza they have to offer. Anyhow, I met with the two kind people and it was just such a great vibe. They wanted to know my story and after the story we just talked about fashion. It was an awesome adventure because they also wanted me to guide them on finding Richie’s i had put in the area.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.23.39 PM

The Chicago Cultural Center “Paint, Paste, Sticker”

I was honored to be a part of the Cultural Center’s “Paint,Paste,Sticker” show. I did not realize what i had signed up for. I thought i was just contributing my art to a cultural show but little did I know the Cultural Center is notorious. It was an awesome experience to be naive and have so many people i know tell me,”hey i seen your work at the Cultural Center, awesome job”. I was along side so many awesome artist as well as really awesome work. I guess it just shows even though i was born in Chicago, it does not mean i know every thing about Chicago.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.27.11 PM

Modern Notoriety Street Spotlight

I had the pleasure to talk with my good friends at Modern Notoriety. Modern Notoriety is a “street wear/sneaker” website that keeps me up to date with what will be dropping in the market. I have known the Modern Notoriety team for quite some time, so for them to have asked to feature me on their site was a blessing. We usually talk sneakers and how each others lives are going because we know each others drive already and what we are both trying to accomplish in life so it was not really an interview. It was just a chill session.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.21.56 PM

Western and Madison “Exceed Expectations”

This wall was obtained from the owners of Chicago Pawners & Jewelers. They had seen the Legal wall on Western and Dickens and asked the Alderman’s office for our contact for their wall. They contacted us and Ali6 checked out the wall. The theme of the wall is Galaxy and says “Exceed Expectations, The sky is not the Limit”. Ali6 teamed up with his friends Austra and Roswel to create this masterpiece for the community.