Ali 6

Ali 6 is a Chicago based street artist known for his illustrations of Richie. Ali 6 has been passionate about art since he was a kid; started drawing all throughout childhood. In high school Ali 6 learned the culture and art form of graffiti. Through graffiti Ali 6′s knowledge of colors expanded and learned how to illustrate ideas with the medium of a spray paint can. Currently, Ali 6 is working on a graphic novel based on the Chicago graffiti culture and the pressures put on the youth. The graphic novel Is suppose to steer the youth away from certain pressures, encourage them to make better choices, and take advantage of their art skills.
Before I begin the description below is not a description of the artist Ali 6 but of the character Ali in the comics he produces.
Ali is the average teenager in Chicago. He goes to Emerald high school and dabbles with the influenced sport of graffiti. In Emerald the most common cultures for a teenage boy are graffiti and gang banging. Ali has been drawing cartoons since he was 4 and always knew art was his passion, so when Ali’s friends in Emerald showed him graffiti he knew Another art form would embolism his passion. Day after day he would sit in class and draw letters to spray paint onto buildings, so night after night; it is exactly what he did. Building a well represented name for himself in the graffiti culture, Ali was confident while he was going out at night spray painting. Ali started losing his guard and did not care if people seen him spray paint. The affect of his ego caused him to meet his two best friends Richie the raccoon, and Jin the genie. Together they embrace on many adventures and have run ins with the police.